Washington, DC- “This proposal does not deal with the fundamental problems such as monopoly leveraging or barriers to OS competition. The DOJ remedy is a good one however, a moderate one. Let’s contrast the Microsoft proposal to that of the DOJ,” stated Ed Black, President & CEO of CCIA.

The Microsoft Proposal demonstrates:

  • they are still in denial and non repentant
  • it does nothing to restore competition
  • gives them an infinite array of tools for continued abuse of power
  • reflects willingness to “bulldoze” the process
  • does not address their current and future market for hand held devices, streaming technology and server, where the same pattern for abuse is evident.

The DOJ is properly aimed at:

  • restoring competition
  • addressing the underlying power which permits a wide range of monopolistic abuse
  • restraining/prohibiting the offender from continuing monopolistic endeavors
  • introducing market forces as the key to recreating dynamic competition and restraining misconduct

For further information or comments please call Ed Black at 202-783-0070 or 301-257-2247.