Computer & Communications Industry Association President and CEO Ed Black will testify Wednesday morning Oct. 31 before the Senate Judiciary Committee on efforts to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Among other things, Black is expected to ask the Committee to refrain from granting immunity to companies that may have participated in illegal, government requested wiretapping, especially before full disclosure has occurred.

Black is also expected to argue that broad immunity without accountability may not adequately deter future, improper conduct. Retroactive immunity, if too easily obtained, could make it all but impossible to refuse even excessive government demands in the future. Such immunity could endanger not just customer trust and security but the rule of law itself.

Going forward, industry needs clear and constitutionally sound rules to follow when asked to assist with surveillance for national security.

WHO: CCIA President & CEO Ed Black

WHAT: Wiretap Testimony before Senate Judiciary Committee

WHEN: 10 AM Wednesday Oct. 31, 2007