Brussels, BELGIUM — The European Commission announced today that Finnish civil servant Tiina Astola will be appointed Director-General for Justice and Consumers as of 1st February 2016. Astola will take charge of implementing legislation on data protection and finalising a new Safe Harbour framework for commercial data transfers between Europe and the United States.

The Computer & Communications Industry Association looks forward to working with Astola to restore transatlantic trust and legal certainty, namely through a strengthened Safe Harbour and the proposal to extend U.S. privacy redress rights to Europeans.

The European Commission also announced the appointment of Claire Bury as new Deputy Director General for communications networks, content and technology (DG CONNECT) from 1st January.  Bury is a British Commission official currently Director in the Directorate-General responsible for the EU internal market.  Bury will play a key role in implementing the EU’s Digital Single Market strategy.

The following can be attributed to CCIA Europe Vice President James Waterworth:

“The European Commission was wise to appoint a new Director-General for Justice and Consumers with such extensive legal experience. We welcome Astola’s appointment and look forward to supporting her efforts to restore transatlantic trust and legal certainty through a strengthened Safe Harbour.”

“Europe is at a crossroads as it focuses on creating a Digital Single Market and measures that promote innovation and its digital economy. Claire Bury has been a staunch advocate of the Single Market for years. Her new role will be important to drive the Digital Single Market in an equally enthusiastic manner. CCIA Europe looks forward to working with her.”

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