Washington — The Computer & Communications Industry Association joined an open letter with experts, companies, and organizations in more than 35 countries that asks world leaders to support strong encryption and to reject any law, policy, or mandate that would undermine digital security. Governments in France, India, China, the U.K. and U.S. are among those considering measures that would weaken encryption and cybersecurity.

The following can be attributed to CCIA’s President & CEO Ed Black:

“Everyone from cybersecurity experts to online privacy groups are very concerned that governments may hastily adopt unwise encryption rules that actually decrease Internet security and increase threats from hackers and online criminals—with no gains in fighting terrorism. Governments should instead promote the use of strong encryption, as it underlies the Internet’s role as a platform for digital expression and commerce.”

CCIA sent a similar letter on encryption to President Obama in October. Black also wrote a letter to the editor in New York Times last month asking not to weaken encryption and published an opinion piece in the Huffington Post that ran Dec. 31.



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