Vienna, Austria — The Computer & Communications Industry Association is leading a delegation of tech companies to meet with Austrian policymakers ahead of the upcoming Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU. CCIA Europe will also present tech recommendations for how Austrian leaders can help the EU’s economy grow.

Austria will will take over the Council Presidency from Bulgaria July 1 and will chair negotiations on key issues impacting the tech industry, internet and businesses that rely on the internet to reach customers and sell or develop products.

The following can be attributed to CCIA Europe Vice President Jakob Kucharczyk:

“Austria has an opportunity to enact policies that boost economic growth as Europe’s economy becomes increasingly digitised. Despite Europe’s goal of making the Digital Single Market a reality, policy proposals from copyright to platform regulation to digital taxation threaten innovators to grow and scale up within the EU. We are offering Austrian officials our recommendations on what policy pitfalls to avoid if they want to enact policies that match Europe’s stated goals of economic growth, a positive investment climate and a functioning Digital Single Market.”