CCIA Applauds Senate for Passing Cantwell – Enzi Amendment to ESEA Bill

June 13, 2001

Washington, DC- The Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) today applauded the Senate for adopting by unanimous consent the Cantwell – Enzi Amendment to Senate Bill 1, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

The amendment requires schools wishing to implement a web-based education curriculum to develop comprehensive strategies for technology that include: (a) teacher development and training; (b) curriculum development; and (c) system resources. After three years, the amendment calls for a study to determine the best practices in these areas, so they may be adopted on a national scale.

“We are very pleased the Senate has agreed to support this vital amendment. The nation must be committed to the development and implementation of web-based learning models,” said Ed Black, President & CEO of CCIA. He continued, “This amendment will direct school districts to create the educational resources that allow students access to anytime, anywhere, on any device learning. Web-based learning is centered on the student instead of the classroom. It allows schools to focus on the strengths, as well as the special needs of each student. The development of web-based content will allow school districts to upgrade technology for reduced cost and improve access for all students.”

“We want to thank Senator Enzi and Senator Cantwell for their vital support of this issue. Their support for this bill is an illustration of the high value each of them place on education,” said Black. He continued, “This amendment is consistent with the approaches we advocate, and we are pleased this amendment passed the Senate. It is our hope that these concepts will be supported by the House and the Bush Administration.”

CCIA has outlined the importance and need for web-based school districts in its White Paper The Federal Role in Education: Promoting Internet Technology to Advance Learning Opportunities.

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