CCIA Applauds Appeals Court Decision

August 17, 2001

Washington, DC- Ed Black, President & CEO of the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA), released the following statement in response to the Appeals Court rejection of Microsoft’s petition to delay the court proceeding pending a Supreme Court review of the case:

“The court’s decision today properly recognizes that Microsoft has little chance of receiving a hearing before the Supreme Court, and prevents the company from further delaying these proceedings. The prompt ruling demonstrates that the Appeals Court seeks to have this case move forward as quickly as possible. It is regrettable that Microsoft continues to ignore the overwhelming evidence and findings against it, and presses the courts in an obvious attempt to forestall any serious discussion of remedies. Since the court’s June affirmation of illegal monopolization, Microsoft continues to produce products that are anticompetitive and illegal, necessitating a quick implementation of an effective remedy.

“We are hopeful that the District Court will emulate the expeditious handling of this case as demonstrated by the Circuit Court’s ruling today, moving quickly to assign a judge to hear this case and schedule further proceedings. This case should no longer be delayed by Microsoft’s dilatory legal maneuvers.”

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