CCIA Pleased With Designation for Microsoft Remedy Hearing

August 24, 2001

Washington, DC- Ed Black, President and CEO of the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA), released the following statement in response to the appointment of a new Justice to oversee the Microsoft antitrust case:

“We are pleased that Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly has finally been appointed to oversee the remand of this important case. Judge Kollar-Kotelly is well regarded and we are anticipate that she can quickly become acquainted with the facts of this case as elucidated by Judge Jackson and unanimously affirmed by the Circuit Court. We are also confident that once Judge Kollar-Kotelly applies the existing trial record, as well as additional evidence and testimony regarding appropriate remedies, she will conclude that only a very strong remedy targeting the source of the anticompetitive problems — namely Microsoft’s illegal monopolies — will succeed in restoring competition and consumer choice to our industry.

“We also hope that Judge Kollar-Kotelly will not permit these critical proceedings to be delayed further by frivolous legal maneuvers or requests for protracted briefing and hearing schedules. Such tactics would only serve to allow further harm to competition and consumers, and unjustly enrich an adjudicated illegal monopolist.”

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