CCIA Opposes Federal Technology Mandates

March 22, 2002

Washington, DC – The Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) today announced its opposition to legislation proposed yesterday by Senator Fritz Hollings (D-South Carolina). The Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act (CBDTPA) of 2002, will force poorly designed and unworkable standards upon industry resulting in a freeze in innovation, a decrease in consumer choice and will do nothing to prevent the illegal copying of digital content.

Ed Black, President & CEO of CCIA, cautioned, “This bill will permit the Federal government to make determinations regarding the performance, quality, and implementation of technology products. It will remove from manufacturers the ability to improve and innovate without first getting the written approval of the FCC.”

Continued Black, “It is difficult to imagine something further beyond the competence of the Federal bureaucracy than the design of technology products. Nor should new products and innovations be dependent on the approval of Hollywood. This legislation would require the FCC to determine the winners and losers in a political process, rather than allowing these determinations to be made in the marketplace by consumers. We urge Congress to reject this bill.”

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