Tech, Education Advocates Ask Congress To Pass Visa Adjustments

July 17, 2008

The Computer & Communications Association joined Compete America and a broad coalition of those in education and the tech industry to ask Congress to pass changes this year to help ease the backlog in visas for highly skilled workers.

The letter asks members of Congress to pass incremental adjustments to the employment-based green card system, noting that H.R, 6039, H.R. 5921 and H.R. 5882 have broad bipartisan support.

“The U.S. technology industry needs to keep innovating in order to remain globally competitive. To that end, our companies need to have access to the kind of foreign-born talent who will assist in that innovation, and we need them to stay and make long-term contributions to our economy.” said Ed Black, President & CEO of the Computer & Communications Industry Association. “These three bills will be an effective start in dealing with the backlog in employment-based green cards and we urge prompt congressional action so we can both attract and keep the highly skilled workers we need.”

“It doesn’t make sense to have students earn doctorates in math, science and engineering and then send them back to their home countries to compete against us,” Black said.

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