CCIA Reaction To Obama Win, Senate Changes

October 5, 2008

We congratulate President-elect Obama, Vice President-elect Biden, and all those elected to the Senate and House who face historic challenges and opportunities.

President-elect Barack Obama used technology and the Internet in unprecedented ways to organize volunteers, raise money and communicate his position on issues. The Computer & Communications Industry Association looks forward to seeing how Obama now turns his understanding of the technology used in his campaign to increase the efficiency of the federal government and boost innovation and the economy.

“Obama gets technology and plans to bring the same techniques that helped organize supporters to the government, making it not just more efficient, but more transparent,” said Ed Black, President & CEO of the Computer & Communications Industry Association. “Obama’s tech policy proposals promote the principles of Internet freedom and should bring connection to this vital communication tool to more people.”

“Obama understands that policies promoting innovation will help the struggling economy and how expanding Internet access and speed will help small businesses as well as next generation business ideas launch,” Black said.

“Americans indicated they wanted change and as an industry built on innovation and change, we look forward to working with Obama and these new House and Senate members to bring positive change to Washington. We offer our support and willingness to work with this new Administration and Congress as they seek ways to maintain the democratic involvement we saw in this election and to improve the economy,” Black said.

Reaction to Senate seat changes:


Mark Udall

“Mark recognizes that the Internet is a vital communication tool in a democracy and consumers need more choices for affordable, fast Internet connections. He has made more competition in the telecom industry and net neutrality campaign issues and we look forward to seeing what he does when he gets to Washington,” Black said.

New Hampshire:

Jeanne Shaheen

“We expect Senator-elect Shaheen to represent the interests of her constituents with an enlightened approach to the ways technology can boost the economy. We look forward to her following and perhaps surpassing the efforts of her predecessor to pass legislation that boosts American competitiveness through better science research and math and science education,” Black said.

New Mexico:

Tom Udall

“Tom comes to Washington understanding that the Internet was founded on principles of openness — principles he has promised to preserve so that small businesses and other entrepreneurs aren’t at risk of getting left behind in the slow lane on the Internet,” Black said.

North Carolina:

Kay Hagan

“This is an important victory for North Carolina and for greater freedom on a tool that has been critical for voters and candidates this election cycle, the Internet. Hagan promised to maintain principles of net neutrality, which would keep the Internet content neutral. This is critical until more can be done to increase competition among the telecom and cable carriers offering high speed Internet service,” Black said.


Mark Warner

“We are pleased to see Sen. Mark Warner bring his experience as a tech executive and governor of Virginia to Washington. He will be a strong voice to ensure technology is used to make government more efficient and to look for ways innovation can be unleashed to boost the economy,” Black said.


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