CCIA Positive on Thompson for Commerce

January 28, 2009

News reports say the Obama Administration is expected to appoint former Symantec CEO John Thompson as Commerce Department Secretary. The Computer & Communications Industry Association would welcome such an announcement. The following statement can be attributed to CCIA President Ed Black:

“John Thompson has run an innovative, global company for more than a decade and that experience is just what is needed for the economic challenges our nation faces. He also seems to have the political and policy skills necessary to succeed in Washington. The country needs more innovation to grow the economy and a government that understands how to boost or at least not suppress that innovation.

“Having previously worked for several Commerce Secretaries I believe he has the diverse skills necessary to run Commerce, a diverse yet important Department.

“Thompson clearly has policy experience on issues ranging from cyber security and patent reform to export controls and international trade. We look forward to seeing what he could do leading the Commerce Department.

“Thompson has shown the ability to see the bigger picture and make challenging aggressive decisions when needed as CEO of Symantec. Part of what Thompson brought to Symantec was a vision of how different technology must integrate to provide security and serve people in a 21st century economy.”

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