ICANN Hires Encryption Expert

May 17, 2010

Encryption pioneer Whit Diffie is taking on a new challenge as vice president of information security and cryptography at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Diffie is credited with solving the problem of key distribution for cryptology in the late 1970s. He spent much of his career at Sun Microsystems and was most recently Sun’s chief technology officer.

The following statement can be attributed to President & CEO Ed Black:

“We are pleased to see such a top expert like Diffie join ICANN. It demonstrates ICANN’s strong commitment to security as it moves to expand domain names.

“As criminals use the Internet to commit their crimes, Diffie is just the kind of expert ICANN needs to keep the Internet secure — while still preserving the openness that makes it such a valuable tool. We are grateful ICANN was able to bring Diffie on board and that he was willing to take on such a service that will benefit all Internet users.”

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