CCIA To Release White Paper On How Policymakers Can Enable Cloud Computing

July 18, 2011

The Computer & Communications Industry Association will release its paper detailing ways policymakers can enable the growth of cloud computing – and the economic benefits of doing so– at an event Tuesday on Capitol Hill. Michael Nelson, Professor of Internet studies at Georgetown University will lead a panel discussion with companies involved in cloud computing at the event for Capitol Hill staffers.

Cloud computing promises to help government and industry save money on IT while increasing productivity, reliability, and security. Cloud computing makes computing resources like software, services, and infrastructure from off-site data centers accessible over the Internet – rather than requiring the storing of those resources on a desktop or an in-house server.  As a result, customers can access more computing power, as needed, at lower costs than traditional IT.

The resulting cost savings and productivity gains will allow organizations to re-invest in their core business, spurring growth, innovation, and jobs.

Until now, there has been little discussion on how public policy impacts cloud computing. The CCIA white paper offers 36 policy recommendations – including additional wireless spectrum, broadband competition, and protections for secondary liability. Other recommendations include best practice standards on cybersecurity and privacy, and real patent reform that addresses the problems of vague or abstract patents.

The following can be attributed to CCIA President & CEO Ed Black:

“As government and more businesses are expanding their use of the cloud, it is more urgent that government agencies undertake new policies and implement new initiatives to increase broadband spectrum, protect the open Internet, and enhance wireless competition. Overbroad or unreasonable liability threatens this growing industry — and so would allowing Internet Service Providers to discriminate in favor of their own video content or cloud services, via bandwidth caps on competing services or other means.

“Cloud computing has the potential to spur the next wave of innovation and economic growth in our country, and Washington needs to help realize this potential. This IT revolution increases the need for lawmakers and regulators to act on many areas of long debated tech policy from maintaining a competitive market to protecting privacy and developing strong and balanced cybersecurity policies.”

“For the United States to retain its position in the world as a leading innovator in the cloud computing sector, policymakers must ensure the marketplace is open, competitive and accessible, and free from overly broad regulation and unreasonable liability rules that could cripple its potential.”

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