CCIA Launches Patent Progress Blog

November 14, 2012

The Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) is launching a new blog that will provide timely analysis on high tech patent news. Patent Progress will cover news on patent trolls, privateers and the patent wars that have made headlines in recent years and blocked key consumer electronics like smartphones and tablets from the market.

The following statement can be attributed to Computer & Communications Industry Association President & CEO Ed Black:

“Having a better understanding of the patent system and its everyday pitfalls will help both policymakers and the public realize how some of these policies are limiting productivity and consumer choice, and increasing liability for tech companies here and overseas. That understanding can then fuel a discussion of how to improve them to create 21st Century laws better able to guide our digital economy.

“We heard a lot about the need for innovation and job creation leading up to the election, but there was very little focus on the ways our current patent system is too often misused to block competition or stifle real innovation through frivolous lawsuits.

“Patent Progress will point out where the patent system is misaligned and how it can be reformed to promote innovation instead of litigation.”

The following can be attributed to CCIA Vice President Josh Lamel, who will be leading the Patent Progress project:

“There is a glaring need for a resource that will help follow the patent cases, including access to case briefs, court filings, copies of the patents and commentary all organized in one place.  Patent Progress will fill that need.”

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