CCIA Supports Result of NTIA Multi-Stakeholder Process

BY Ross Schulman
July 25, 2013

CCIA appreciates the opportunity to have participated in the multistakeholder process convened by the Administration, and supports closing debate on this Code of Conduct today for mobile transparency. While any such process is by no means perfect, and there are provisions that we might have approached differently, we recognize and celebrate the hard work done and compromises made to get to this point. Now that stakeholders have created a stable draft of the code, CCIA hopes companies and developers will investigate whether and how to incorporate its ideas in their own transparency efforts. We know there has been some discussion about reconvening at a date a few months in the future to discuss what has been learned during implementation. We believe that many app developers do not yet know how this code will work, and implementation and testing will yield important continued developments that deserve to be shared with the group. We support the continuity of the Multi Stakeholder Process, to continue to tackle new issues and to share information and perspectives on this first phase of the work effort. We commend the NTIA, Department of Commerce and White House for their leadership over the last year in this important process.

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