House Judiciary Committee to Examine Internet Sales Tax Alternatives

BY Heather Greenfield
March 11, 2014

Washington — The House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing Wednesday on “Exploring Alternative Solutions on the Internet Sales Tax Issue.”  The Computer & Communications Industry Association will be following this hearing with great interest, in the hopes that it will begin the substantive and in-depth discussion on Internet sales tax collection that unfortunately was lacking in the Senate debate.

The following statement can be attributed to CCIA President & CEO Ed Black:

“We are encouraged that Chairman Goodlatte sees the need to consider alternatives to the highly problematic approach taken by the Senate’s Marketplace Fairness Act. Any Internet sales tax collection scheme that dumps an excessive compliance burden on small Internet retailers by pressing them into service as tax collectors for thousands of jurisdictions needs to be discarded.”

“We look forward to this hearing being a robust discussion on new approaches based on ‘simplicity’ and ‘tech neutrality,’ two of the principles the Chairman had laid out in September.  Small Internet retailers must not be penalized for their innovation.”

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