CCIA Press Conference Call: How US Surveillance Reform Law Impacts Europeans

BY Heather Greenfield
June 3, 2015

President Obama quickly signed surveillance reform legislation after the Senate passed the USA Freedom Act Tuesday evening. The Act ends the bulk collection of phone and other records and offers better transparency and oversight for existing surveillance programs. What will this mean for surveillance reform in the U.S. – and what will it mean for Europeans?

The Computer & Communications Industry Association has advocated for surveillance reforms for more than a decade, and has frequently testified in Congress in support of reform. Please see our most recent statement here.

Please join CCIA’s privacy counsel Bijan Madhani, speaking from Washington DC, and CCIA’s director of international policy Christian Borggreen, speaking from the EuroDIG conference in Sofia, Bulgaria as they explain the significance of the surveillance reforms being implemented and what impact to expect in Europe. In addition, they will discuss what reforms did not make it into this legislation and what the US and European governments may do next.

What: CCIA press conference call on surveillance reforms

When: Thursday, June 4

4pm CET

Dial in for Brussels: Toll +32 (0) 24040305 Toll Free 080040305

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Conference PIN Code: 87658002#


For questions regarding the call please contact Communications Director [email protected], based in Washington DC or CCIA Europe Director Jakob Kucharczyk, [email protected] based in Brussels.


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