CCIA, Tech Industry Associations Offer Recommendations To Presidential Candidates

BY Heather Greenfield
May 5, 2016

Washington — The Computer & Communications Industry Association joined several tech industry associations in a joint open letter to the remaining presidential candidates with a few recommendations on tech policy. The recommendations underscore for the presidential candidates how well informed tech policy can be a key driver of economic growth — not just in the high tech sector, but across the economy as manufacturers and other traditional industries leverage technology to develop products and reach customers.

The recommendations offer our industry’s ideas on pivotal issues like trade and intellectual property laws. The following can be attributed to CCIA President & CEO Ed Black:

“As the candidates further develop their policy proposals, we hope they will realize how the tech industry can offer not just innovative products for consumers, but smart economic growth for the country.  As candidates talk about growing the economy, this list offers some low cost and even no cost ideas that help our entire economy.

“These ideas will require leadership and courage, because, for example,  ‘discouraging the use of legal and regulatory mechanisms to protect incumbents’ in ways that block new entrants means standing up to special interests — but it’s crucial to encourage innovation and economic growth.

“Also, candidates often hear from the movie and recording industries that even stricter IP-regulations are always better for trade agreements and they don’t realize the vital importance of adding balanced measures like liability protections and fair use for the tech industry. These aid overall economic development and consumer empowerment.”

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