Washington — A bipartisan House working group on encryption has issued its end of the year report that found that any measure that weakens encryption would be against the national interests. The report acknowledges the impact increased use of encryption has on law enforcement, but found that for all stakeholders encryption is important for personal, economic, and national security.

The Computer & Communications Industry Association has advocated for strong encryption and against backdoors and other mandated vulnerabilities for over many years, providing letters and comments to the President and Congress. The following can be attributed to CCIA’s President & CEO Ed Black:

“This report is welcomed news for those who care about personal, economic, and national security. We are glad that after close examination of the security and technical issues, these leading lawmakers understand the considerable stakes and support strong encryption. Deploying weakened forms of encryption in online services and consumer devices is shortsighted and would play directly into the hands of those who would do us harm.”