Washington — The tech industry is deeply concerned about President Trump’s precipitous executive order banning refugees and legal immigrants with visas from the United States.

The following can be attributed to Computer & Communications Industry Association President & CEO Ed Black:

“We are concerned by the continuing confusion over the Administration’s immigration order covering both visa holders and refugees. We appreciate the checks and balances of our judicial system, but the disregard for legal norms and due process shown by the Administration in issuing this order is alarming.

“This hasty executive order is unlikely to achieve the desired goal and instead damages the principles that make this country a place immigrants aspire to work. In the short term, it left companies scrambling to aid valuable employees with legal work visas, and in the long term risks our economy and safety.

“Many of our industry’s most successful companies were founded by immigrants. Immigrants help our industry to export goods and services around the world while creating jobs here at home. Targeting lawful U.S. residents and visa holders for discriminatory treatment based on their national origin or faith is not in our national interest. It is not in our economic interest. It is not who we are.

“We strongly support legislative efforts to reform our immigration policies to better serve the nation’s needs, and look forward to undertaking this important task in cooperation with Congress and the Administration.”

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