CCIA Testifies At ITC Hearing On Digital Trade

BY Heather Greenfield
April 5, 2017

Washington — The Computer & Communications Industry Association testified at the ITC hearing on Digital Trade April 4. In his statement, CCIA Vice President Dan O’Connor noted the United State’s lead position in innovation and high-technology industries, so “facilitating the export of Internet-enabled products and services promises substantial gains across the wider economy.” He explained how internet platforms are empowering other small and medium sized businesses. He also offered examples of digital trade barriers like restrictions on data flows, technical requirements like China’s new cybersecurity laws and vague or inconsistent liability rules. He said Europe’s ill-conceived right to be forgotten law is expensive for companies and that Europe’s proposed “duty of care” rules as part of its Digital Single Market are also troubling.  CCIA also filed a prehearing brief with the ITC.

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