CCIA Files Comments To FEC On Online Ad Inquiry

BY Heather Greenfield
November 9, 2017

Washington — In comments filed with the Federal Election Commission today, the Computer & Communications Industry Association said both the association and its members are committed to ensuring transparency for political ads on online platforms. The FEC had asked for comments by tonight on how its disclaimer requirements are applied to online communications  .

CCIA’s comments offered advice on technical issues to make sure rules ensure transparency but also promote free speech. The following can be attributed to CCIA President & CEO Ed Black:

“CCIA welcomes the FEC’s inquiry into how its disclaimer rules can promote transparency in political ads online. Voters should know who is behind ads, and the FEC needs to also ensure that legitimate speech and honest political discourse are not stifled. We look forward to working with the FEC to enable its rules to ensure transparency in online political advertising.”

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