Tech, Industry Warn Congress Of China Tariff Dangers In Joint Letter

BY Heather Greenfield
April 12, 2018

Washington — Ahead of a House Ways & Means Committee hearing on China tariffs Thursday, the Computer & Communications Industry Association joined dozens of other industries in a letter to leaders about the harm the tariffs would cause. The letter encourages Congress to work with the Administration to come up with a more effective strategy to address concerns with Chinese discriminatory practices regarding technology transfer and intellectual property.

The Computer & Communications Industry Association has supported open markets and trade in tech products and services for more than 45 years. The following can be attributed to CCIA President & CEO Ed Black:

“The goal of these tariffs may be to punish China, but the result would penalize American consumers and companies. While here is wide agreement there is a problem, there is also broad consensus across industry that this policy would do more harm than good.

“The problem is trade wars tend to escalate in ways that are unpredictable.The only thing predictable about a trade war is that there will be retaliation and collateral damage for both US consumers and businesses.”

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