CCIA Supports Efforts to Uphold Multistakeholder Approach to Internet Governance

June 8, 2020

Washington — CCIA President Matt Schruers sent a letter to the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA) in response to an open consultation regarding the International Telecommunication Union’s upcoming 2020 World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly taking place in November. 

The letter supports proposed U.S. positions at the upcoming meeting to ensure that the ITU pursues standards work within its mandate in order to avoid duplication of standards work taking place in more appropriate fora. Further, the letter calls for strong U.S leadership and engagement at the ITU, to discourage unproductive agendas from authoritarian regimes from taking hold.

CCIA has long supported a multistakeholder approach to Internet governance which is critical to the future of the open Internet. As NTIA notes, the success of the Internet is in part “based on the fact that no one single entity controls it, allowing entrepreneurs, industries, scientists, and academics globally to continually innovate.” 

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