CCIA Recommendations for Achieving an Effective and Proportionate Digital Markets Act

BY Heather Greenfield
March 11, 2021

Brussels, BELGIUM — The Computer & Communications Industry Association published its position paper Thursday on the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA proposal of 15 December 2020 is currently being discussed and amended by the EU Member States and the European Parliament. CCIA supports the objectives of the DMA proposal. The position paper provides constructive suggestions to improve the DMA, to enhance coherence and legal certainty in the online platform environment ,while ensuring effective and proportionate enforcement that preserves fair competition in the internal market for the benefit of consumers.

The following can be attributed to CCIA Competition & Regulatory Counsel Kayvan Hazemi-Jebelli: 

“Our recommendations seek to increase enforcement speed and effectiveness, while preserving the current and future benefits of a growing and innovative European digital economy.

“The Digital Markets Act rewrites the deal between platform operators and their business users, and it grants the Commission significant power to further support business users and rivals in the future. This regulatory power is likely to have significant unintended consequences unless legislators include reasonable safeguards, better tailored remedies, and a more participative framework for enforcement. Hopefully, the final law will better balance the interests of consumers, suppliers, and other ecosystem participants.

“The platform economy presents new challenges for enforcers and policymakers. New tools and regulatory frameworks should match the dynamic and innovation based competition that has generated so much value for European consumers and businesses.” 

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