CCIA Statement On Voting Rights Legislation

BY Heather Greenfield
April 1, 2021

Washington — After record voter turnout Georgia has enacted and other states are considering bills that create multiple new impediments to vote. The Computer & Communications Industry Association stands with the many American business leaders expressing their concerns about voting restrictions.

The following can be attributed to CCIA Board Chairman and CEO emeritus Ed Black:

“The credibility and legitimacy of our American political system is fundamentally important.  It provides the bedrock upon which our society, economy, and freedom of our citizens rests.  Ensuring access to the vote is critical to the integrity and legitimacy of any healthy republic and democracy.  

“Adding restrictions that could discourage lawful voting is reprehensible and threatens us and the values all Americans should hold dear.  Participation in elections should not be a political issue; it is a moral and patriotic one.

“Governmental power and authority flows from the people, and efforts by parochial shortsighted political interests to minimize citizens’ involvement in exercising their control via their vote is counterproductive and ultimately dangerous.”

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