CCIA Affirms Support For New EU Disinformation Guidelines

May 26, 2021

Brussels, BELGIUM — The European Commission today published its new Guidance to strengthen the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation. The European Commission will now work with the involved companies to improve several aspects of the Code based on clear commitments and subject to an oversight mechanism in order to fight the spread of disinformation.

The Computer & Communications Industry Association is fully committed to tackling the dissemination of disinformation and we welcome the ambition to strengthen the EU Code on Disinformation. Reducing disinformation is crucial as bad actors attempt to distribute false information on everything from elections to the pandemic. Strengthening of the Code is an opportunity to promote a wider adoption of this important tool based on a clear scope and objectives; flexible, widely-recognized and future-proof definitions; and clear metrics. 

CCIA responded to the European Commission’s public consultation in April 2021.

The following can be attributed to CCIA Europe Senior Public Policy Manager Alex Maglione:

“Our members have worked constructively with the EU in the current code and look forward to cooperating with policymakers in this next phase to strengthen the effort to combat against disinformation online.”

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