CCIA Calls for a Proportionate EU Data Act

June 24, 2021

Brussels, BELGIUM — Today the Computer & Communications Industry Association filed comments on the policy and legislative options that the European Commission is considering in its upcoming Data Act, expected to be published later this year. 

In May, the European Commission published a roadmap envisaging new rules on when and under which conditions companies may have to relinquish their data to other businesses or public authorities. The proposal could additionally introduce mandatory data portability provisions for cloud providers as well as limitations on non-personal data transfers outside the EEA and the provision of non-EU services.  

CCIA remains a staunch supporter of policies that foster greater data access and re-use among public and private sectors, which can drive social improvements and economic innovations.  However, CCIA cautions against catch-all data licensing requirements that would affect all kinds of private and procurement contracts and undermine the core principles of an open market economy.

The following can be attributed to Alexandre Roure, CCIA Public Policy Senior Manager:

“The Data Act should include meaningful incentives for the supply and demand for data in Europe. Undue restrictions such as data transfer restrictions or disproportionate requirements for data-sharing risk stifling the very objective of this proposal.”


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