CCIA’s Response To European Commission Consultation On Upcoming Data Act

BY Heather Greenfield
September 2, 2021

Brussels, BELGIUM — The Computer & Communications Industry Association has filed comments on the upcoming EU Data Act ahead of the Friday consultation deadline. The European Commission asked for comments on the new rules to govern how companies should be able to access, process, and share data with other companies and governments.

CCIA shares the European Commission’s ambition to foster greater data-sharing among businesses and with governments that can drive economic growth and innovation, transform businesses, and improve social welfare. Priority should be given to targeted and proportionate measures that provide businesses with legal certainty and meaningful incentives to share or seek to access data. But rewriting contractual rules, introducing obligations for government access to corporate data, or introducing new data flow restrictions are concerning and would achieve the very opposite of what the Commission intends.

The following can be attributed to CCIA Europe Senior Public Policy Manager Alexandre Roure:

“The upcoming Data Act could be a chance for Europe to accelerate data-driven economic and social welfare in Europe. But a heavy-handed approach risks hamstringing Europe’s thriving data economy and achieving the opposite of what is intended.”

For additional information on the Data Act, please see Roure’s DisCo blog post here.


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