CCIA Joins Internet Association, DiMA, and INCOMPAS in Filing to the FCC Opposing Wi-Fi Tax

BY Heather Greenfield
October 21, 2021

Washington — Washington — The Computer & Communications Industry Association submitted comments to the FCC along with the Internet Association, Digital Media Association, and INCOMPAS, opposing a proposal to charge regulatory fees to users of unlicensed spectrum, which would effectively result in a Wi-Fi tax. The Associations’ comment highlighted that this proposal would be unworkable to implement and would exceed the FCC’s legal authority and mission. The proposal would also be bad for innovators who use unlicensed spectrum to bring exciting services to consumers.

The following can be attributed to CCIA President Matt Schruers:

“The FCC’s previous work to make unlicensed spectrum available to the public has resulted in tremendous innovations and benefits for consumers. Americans use unlicensed spectrum in their daily lives when they use products like connected speakers, Bluetooth earbuds, baby monitors, home security systems, and smart appliances. The FCC should carefully consider adopting any proposals that would charge regulatory fees to innovators who use unlicensed spectrum to benefit consumers.”

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