CCIA Statement on US, EU Officials Launching Competition Policy Dialogue

BY Heather Greenfield
December 8, 2021

Washington — A day after U.S. and EU competition officials met to launch the EU-U.S. Joint Technology Competition Policy Dialogue, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo criticized two new European initiatives that Raimondo said unfairly target U.S. companies.

Raimondo told those gathered for a U.S. Chamber of Commerce event the U.S. had “serious concerns” that Europe’s Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act proposals “will disproportionately impact U.S.-based tech firms and their ability to adequately serve EU customers and uphold security and privacy standards.”

For nearly 50 years, the Computer & Communications Industry Association, with offices in Washington DC and Brussels, has consistently supported greater U.S.-EU dialogue and cooperation on trade and technology policy. CCIA offered Recommendations ahead of the meeting for policymakers in September on the goals and digital priorities for the TTC. CCIA also recently released Recommendations on “Incorporating Stakeholder Input within International Regulatory Cooperation” in the context of the TTC. 

The following can be attributed to CCIA President Matthew Schruers:

“Transatlantic dialogue on competition enforcement is critical to promoting vigorous competition in the interest of US and EU consumers. Maintaining this focus will ensure consumers on both sides of the Atlantic continue to benefit from open and competitive markets. 

“The EU and U.S. have taken different approaches to regulation; the U.S. regulatory approach has resulted in significantly more unicorn companies, sustained innovation, and growth. U.S. officials should bear in mind the costs of experimenting with European-style regulation.”

“The EU appears to be adapting its competition policy towards protecting and promoting European firms; for the US to remain globally competitive, the focus should remain on fostering a vigorous competitive process that improves outcomes for consumers.”


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