CCIA Statement on the Enactment of the Utah Consumer Privacy Act

BY Heather Greenfield
March 24, 2022

Washington –  Governor Spencer Cox has signed the Utah Consumer Privacy Act into law, making Utah the fourth U.S. state to enact comprehensive consumer data privacy legislation. The law will take effect December 31, 2023. 

While the Computer & Communications Industry Association supports the enactment of comprehensive privacy legislation at the federal level, in its absence, we commend Utah lawmakers’ efforts to provide new rights and privacy protections for consumers. CCIA previously filed comments outlining key features of the bill that align with CCIA’s state privacy principles

The following can be attributed to CCIA State Policy Director Alyssa Doom:

“The Utah Consumer Privacy Act establishes important new rights for consumers over the collection and use of their personal information, while simultaneously providing businesses with clarity regarding the responsible processing of data. We applaud lawmakers in Utah for taking critical steps to advance the privacy rights of consumers. We urge Congress to take similar steps to ensure all Americans have the same rights.

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