CCIA Marks 50 Years Of Tech Advocacy With Reception, Award

June 9, 2022

Washington – The Computer & Communications Industry Association celebrated 50 years of promoting a competitive tech industry, open markets, and internet access and freedom  in Washington at a reception Thursday at Planet Word. CCIA was started by the CEOs of seven companies that built what later became known as software products for IBM mainframe computers.

Over the years CCIA has advocated for competition in telecommunications and long-distance facilities that later became the backbone of the internet, for enabling affordable high-speed internet access and for balanced IP policies supporting next-generation innovation.

CCIA also presented the John H. Chapman award for Outstanding Public Service to longtime president and now CEO emeritus Ed Black, who started at CCIA in 1985 as a vice president.

The following can be attributed to CCIA President Matt Schruers:

“Since its founding, CCIA has supported policies that create a climate for innovation so that the technology sector and its users and consumers benefit, ensuring that the next start-up with a good idea can alter the course of innovation and the products and services consumers use.

“We want to thank Ed Black for leading the association for nearly 30 years. His background at the State Department in fighting for access to information helped shape policies fostering open internet access and permissionless innovation. We have wiser technology policy today for Ed’s tireless efforts and for that the technology community is in his debt.” 

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