CCIA Offers Comments On Implementing California Privacy Protections

November 21, 2022

Washington – As the California Privacy Protection Agency closed its 15-day public comment period regarding suggested modifications to privacy regulations under the California Privacy Rights Act on November 7,  the Computer & Communications Industry Association offered suggestions today on how to implement the rules in ways that protect consumers, improve clarity and protect innovation. 

CCIA has advocated for baseline federal privacy protections for more than two decades. However, in the absence of such federal legislation, states like California have begun enacting laws and engaging with the public to inform rulemaking processes. The following can be attributed to CCIA State Policy Director Khara Boender:

“CCIA supports the implementation of clear rules that protect California consumers’ privacy and appreciate the opportunity to help advise regulators on implementation. As the California Privacy Protection Agency moves forward in finalizing regulations, it will be imperative for these rules to strike the balance of providing a clear path forward for businesses to comply while avoiding unnecessarily burdensome requirements. Further, any requirements on businesses should have a clear associated benefit to consumers.” 

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