When CCIA started in 1972, we believed supporting competition and a climate for innovation was central to economic success as a nation and that our industry was unique and of special importance to society. We facilitate communication and access to information.
These beliefs continue to influence and shape our choices in a global political environment that is increasingly focused on our industry. As we have long understood, the essence of our industry is its ability to intelligently capture and analyze information and communicate it to different people and parts of society more quickly and comprehensively than ever imagined.   In simple terms, computing and communications greatly enhance our ability to think, speak, and interact.  This is of immense social, economic, and political importance, and is changing almost every aspect of our world.
CCIA has always been sensitive to the uniquely significant role of technology and communications, and thus remains committed to protecting and advancing the interests of our members, the industry as a whole, as well as society’s need to benefit from the positive contributions that our industry can make.  We also remain aware of the potential risks and dangers that can result from the misuse of our industry’s products and services.
Innovation – how to foster it, protect it, and benefit from it – requires us to understand the dynamic process that has worked to get us to where we are.  We do not think it is an accident that innovation has flourished in a society that values an open, competitive economic marketplace, nor where original independent and free speech are enshrined in law.  While cooperation is a valuable approach to progress, it must be balanced to never undermine the competitive drive to create.  This balance helps our institutions thrive. Therefore, our commitment to vigorous competition, freedom of expression, and openness is a natural product of the understanding of what has helped our industry thrive, and what it needs to continue to do so. We support a well rounded IP system that encourages high quality patents and balanced copyright provisions that incentivize rightsholders while also promoting access to innovation and next generation innovation in the internet and IT sectors.
CCIA seeks consensus amongst the oft-aligned interests of our industry, its users, partners and customers in order to advance our common well-being. However, our industry is not monolithic. We aim to include as members a broad representation of industry companies that takes into account the dynamic and diverse qualities of the industry so that we are aware of, and can be sensitive to, the legitimate concerns of all sectors.   Where consensus is not possible, we pursue positions where members’ interests and the commitment to CCIA’s underlying principles are most aligned.

 Though our industry and political worlds are constantly changing and require us to regularly consult and reassess priorities with our members, our effectiveness, credibility, and reliability have benefited from consistent adherence to CCIA’s core industry goals and respect for the broad public interests involved. Because of our unique understanding and beliefs, CCIA has become known as a principled, steadfast, and assertive force in a volatile world.