The CCIA Opportunity

CCIA advocates public policies that promote open markets, open systems, and open networks, and full, fair and open competition worldwide in the computer, telecommunications, and Internet industries.

Our membership is selective, and ranges from well-known names such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, RedHat, eBay, and Sprint, to smaller companies that are only beginning to make an impact in the industry.  More than 85 percent of all internet searches in the U.S. are made through CCIA member companies.

Our members tell us they value CCIA for several reasons, including:

  • Ability to make things happen in Washington—rather than simply watch what’s going on.  Member companies support our need to reach consensus quickly to influence and shape events in Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Judiciary.  We don’t need protracted processes to establish positions on issues, and we avoid “least common denominator” solutions.  One or two member companies may take the lead on certain issues;
  • Relatively small size.  While some trade associations have hundreds or even thousands of members, CCIA’s membership consists of a few dozen companies that receive individual attention.  Our staff works to understand the strategic direction of each member.  In some cases, we serve as the Washington office for companies without such a presence.  All members have a real-time voice in the work of CCIA;
  • Reach into Europe through our office in Brussels, ability to influence public policy in ways that benefit our members;
  • Association culture in which no one company or small group of members dominates decision-making or policy advocacy.

Public Policy Priorities

A few of the major issues we are addressing presently include:

  • Open Internet, both domestically and internationally; market failure in specially access and backhaul, nondiscriminatory Internet access, including wi-fi connections;
  • Telecommunications and Internet privacy from government intrusion and commercial privacy standards;
  • Limiting secondary liability of Internet companies for misuse of their services by third parties;
  • Patent law reform and reduced patent litigation;
  • Regulation fo wired and wireless broadband deployment and access;
  • Antitrust law enforcement;
  • Censorship and forced localization of data as a barrier to Internet trade and commerce;
  • Immigration of technically skilled workers.

CCIA’s website features extensive information about these and other public policy priorities.

Recent Policy Impact

Some recent public policy accomplishments include:

  • Successfully included small business in the category of those to be protected from discrimination by the FCC’s Open Internet rules;
  • Convinced USTR to consider Internet censorship and blocking as a WTO trade barrier;
  • Encouraged the liberalization of trade at the WTO in both services and ICT hardware products;
  • Released a study on the economic benefits of the “fair use” exception in copyright law to help frame debate on this issue.

About CCIA

CCIA is a not-for-profit membership organization consisting of a wide range of companies in the computer, internet, information technology, and telecommunications industries, represented by their senior executives. CCIA’s member companies employ almost one million workers and generate more than $540 billion in annual revenue.

CCIA has been highly regarded, respected and trusted by decision makers in government and industry for more than 40 years. CCIA is a vital link to all three branches of the federal government on issues directly impacting technology businesses in the U.S. and similar issues in Europe through our office in Brussels.


For more information on joining CCIA as a corporate member, please contact Dan Johnson at 202-783-0070.

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