Ed Black

CEO Emeritus

Matthew Schruers


Mel Aldhizer


Vann Bentley

Policy Counsel

Christian Borggreen

Vice President & Head of Office, CCIA Europe

Maggie Clark Brennan

Director of External Affairs

Alyssa Doom

State Policy Director

Marianela López-Galdos

Global Competition Counsel

Heather Greenfield

Director of Communication

Kay Jebelli

Competition & Regulatory Counsel, CCIA Europe

Daniel Johnson

Vice President & General Counsel

Joshua Landau

Patent Counsel

Keir Lamont

Policy Counsel

Victoria de Posson

Senior Manager, Public Policy, CCIA Europe

Alexandre Roure

Senior Manager, Public Policy, CCIA Europe

Inma Pérez Ruiz

Policy Advisor, CCIA Europe

Arthur Sidney

Vice President of Public Policy

Tahira Smith

Executive Assistant

Rachael Stelly

Policy Counsel

Ali Sternburg

Senior Policy Counsel

Trevor Wagener

Director of Research and Economics

Ethan Wham

Policy Manager