CCIA is a nonprofit membership organization for a wide range of companies in the computer, Internet, information technology, and telecommunications industries, represented by their senior executives. Created over four decades ago, CCIA promotes open markets, open systems, open networks, and full, fair, and open competition. CCIA serves as an additional, and sometimes the only, eyes, ears, and voice, in Washington and Brussels for our members. Our goal is to proactively protect and promote their legitimate interests, and to advance the broad common interests of our industries.

CCIA’s structure and wide range of expertise allow the association to be highly responsive to our members’ needs, assessing and shaping legislative and regulatory activity in collaboration with executives from member companies. CCIA strives for a detailed understanding of the business operations for our members. Such understanding is vital in translating their technology, business, and policy needs into action.

CCIA’s member companies vary widely in size and operate both domestically and globally. Members include computer and communications companies, equipment manufacturers, software developers, service providers, re-sellers, integrators, and financial service companies. Together they employ almost one million workers and generate more than $540 billion in annual revenue.

CCIA lobbies in many areas of policy and legislation, domestically and internationally, and is at the leading edge of policy making. CCIA has developed, defined, and advocated policy on a wide range of issues from telecom to balanced intellectual property, from privacy protection to broadband access, from competition policy to government procurement, and from trade and export controls to e-commerce. CCIA is highly regarded, respected and trusted by decision makers in government and industry. CCIA is a vital link to Capitol Hill and the issues directly impacting high-tech business.