CCIA was founded in 1972 to promote open markets, open systems, and open networks in the computer and telecommunications industry. Today, the association continues to evangelize these principles across these increasingly diverse and economically important sectors of the global economy.

Wu's Advice On 'The Internet's Midlife Crisis'

At Monday’s New America Foundation event, “The Internet’s Mid-Life Crisis,” Tim Wu of Columbia University Law School offered a preview of his upcoming book The Master Switch:  The Rise and Fall of Information Empires and called for a separation between Internet content and service providers. He said consumers are harmed when content and delivery become vertically integrated.…


TPI Antitrust Event Offers Company Side Of Debate

The Technology Policy Institute reviewed major past antitrust cases before looking to the future and the potential for regulators to jump in on issues like cloud computing. Panelists at the Friday event, organized by the conservative think tank, discussed antitrust law and enforcement in the high-tech sector. The first panel focused on how antitrust enforcement…


New Product, Same Old Turf Wars

The nation’s leading broadcasters are blocking TV episodes on their websites from playing on Google’s new web television service. The Wall Street Journal reports ABC, NBC and CBS have blocked those using the new Google set top boxes from accessing their networks’ shows. Fox so far is not blocking their programs from the new TV interface. Google…


Net Neutrality Issue Predates the Commercial Internet

As the net neutrality debate drags on into another season, perhaps some historical “big picture” context is in order. AT&T was broken up in the early 1980s under the terms of an antitrust court decree because it had anti-competitively blocked MCI, which was selling alternative long distance phone calling services using new wireless microwave links.  …