CCIA was founded in 1972 to promote open markets, open systems, and open networks in the computer and telecommunications industry. Today, the association continues to evangelize these principles across these increasingly diverse and economically important sectors of the global economy.

CCIA Releases Paper At SSA Tech Advisory Board Meeting

Today the Social Security Administration’s tech advisory board begins a two day meeting to develop a roadmap for systems technology and electronic services to better carry out the agency’s mission over the next five to ten years. More babyboomers are heading into a system, which is relying on technology that was cutting edge — back…


CCIA’s Response To FCC Query On Google Voice

In response to requests from AT&T, the FCC has announced an inquiry into Google Voice. AT&T filed a complaint accusing Google Voice, a free, innovative web application, of not allowing calls to certain numbers with high access charges. The FCC has signaled it supports more competition on the Internet and the Computer & Communications Industry…


Upcoming Event: “Competition Policy as Innovation Policy”

COMPUTER & COMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION Presents “Competition Policy as Innovation Policy” CCIA hosted an exciting competition policy program on Tuesday, October 27 from 12 – 2 pm at the Newseum in Washington, DC. The Obama Administration has placed a high priority on innovation as a key component to driving economic recovery.  Rarely discussed in the realm of…