CCIA was founded in 1972 to promote open markets, open systems, and open networks in the computer and telecommunications industry. Today, the association continues to evangelize these principles across these increasingly diverse and economically important sectors of the global economy.

Internet-friendly Language Proposed in Trade Agreement

The USTR has proposed the addition of Internet-friendly copyright language into what is being billed as the 21st Century trade agreement: the Trans Pacific Partnership. The Computer & Communications Industry Association welcomed the news of fair use-related language as a sign that negotiators aim to promote strong and balanced copyright provisions in the trade agreement.…


CCIA Responds To White House Request for IP Enforcement Comments

The Computer & Communications Industry Association responded to a White House request for public input on intellectual property enforcement. CCIA President & CEO Ed Black expressed frustration that despite what policy makers learned from the problems with SOPA, PIPA and ACTA, they are still attempting to address complex issues relating to intellectual property and the…