CCIA was founded in 1972 to promote open markets, open systems, and open networks in the computer and telecommunications industry. Today, the association continues to evangelize these principles across these increasingly diverse and economically important sectors of the global economy.

Court Rulings Impact Cell Users' Privacy

The past week has seen two different federal court decisions that have a bearing on the privacy of your location, particularly information that can be gleaned from the use of an average cell phone. This information, usually called “cell-site location” data, is gathered and stored by cell phone service providers in the course of their…


CCIA In Leesburg To Monitor TPP Negotiations

Leesburg, Va. – As a round of negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership begins, public interest groups are joining members of Congress in their call for more transparency of the key nine-country trade agreement that’s being billed as the 21st Century Trade Agreement. Canada and Mexico are scheduled to join the next round of talks in December and the treaty is…