Webinar: Copyright Reform for a Digital Economy

BY Maggie Clark
August 21, 2015

As policymakers prepare to examine copyright reforms over the next year, CCIA will publish its latest white paper, “Copyright Reform for a Digital Economy”. On Tuesday, August 25, join CCIA Vice President Matt Schruers for our web release event — a primer on copyright past, present and future.

New technology and online access to a worldwide audience have made it possible for everyone to become content creators with a potentially limitless audience. Technological innovations have changed the landscape since copyright rules were written by rapidly reducing the cost of content creation, distribution, and discovery.

Countries around the world are now reexamining their copyright policies to ensure copyright in the digital economy continues to both provide an incentive for creators to create and serve the overall public good. The U.S. began its review of copyright law in 2013 and Congress and others are examining how to bring copyright policy into the digital age and provide business certainty to industries impacted by the Copyright Act.

Event: Copyright Reform for a Digital Economy
Date: Tuesday, August 25
Time: 11:30am-12:00pm

Registration: To register and view the webinar, click here.
For audio only, dial: 877-709-8156
Participant passcode: 13618392

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